A Witchy Rapunzel

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I love fairytale retellings with my whole heart. It's a genre that I'm so nostalgic about and always come back to enjoy. Princess of Souls is a very loose Rapunzel retelling. Selestra, a witch, is kept prisoner in a castle in the sky. Her mother is sworn to the immortal king and helps him feast on souls. When a young man comes to challenge the King, he needs the help of Selestra to see his future and avoid death.

My favorite thing about this book is that it has such good banter between the main characters, Selestra and Nox. They also have 2 best friends and the friendship really shines through. I also like that though this is a retelling, it really was its own story, with some callbacks to the original tale - like the hair cutting and temporarily blindness. I'd be reading and go "oh, ya - there's that fairytale connection".

Even though this book is 400 pages, it goes by so fast! It is wrapped up really nice at the end, so I wouldn't expect a sequel. I am hoping to revisit this world again though!