A fun fantasy retelling!!

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I am a sucker for fantasy retellings, imagine my excitement when I found out this was a retelling of Rapunzel! In this book we meet Selestra, a witch that is bound to work for the king. Enter in Nox, someone who hates the witches and everything they stand do (and do). It sets it up as an amazing enemies to lovers story! However, i would say this book fell a bit flat in that department (unfortunately) and it’s not to say that because it’s a YA book, that tropes like that can be translated well but I think it came down to the characters themselves. To me, it didn’t feel like enemies to lovers, i wish there was more time spent on their dialogue as it felt rushed. But with what we were presented with, I did enjoy! It’s not fair to say that this book was bad because it was a pleasant fun read! I enjoyed the world building and the politics that came into play! The supporting cast definitely carried the book for me and I’d love to read more about them (wink wink)! thank you to Bookish first for sending me a copy of this book to review!