refreshing YA with sex positivity and character growth

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Jo is a high schooler looking for love, and while she's fallen for a few boys, they've never fallen in return. One night she learns the truth—the guys consider her a "practice girl" who is good enough to hook up with but not to date.

I love YA books and their ability to realistically capture what it's like to be a high schooler. The characters are flawed but likeable as they navigate becoming adults and finding themselves and their self-worth.

It's heartbreaking to watch Jo realize the boys are using her for her body and face the double standards between women and men. She grows throughout the story as takes control of her life, finding new friendships along the way, pursuing her passion for wrestling, and making a real love connection. She also grapples with her family life throughout, navigating the loss of her dad and figuring how to fit in with her step family.

We get lots of character growth, sex positivity, and commentary on toxic relationships, and overall I really enjoyed the story.

Thanks to Bookish First and Viking Books for my gifted copy.