Important Lessons

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This immediately grabbed me since I could relate to the main character so much. She was going through some tough coming of age realities, and her dad had passed away. He was also a wrestling coach just like mine. Well beloved to the school and all of his former students. ♥️

I thought this book had a wonderful message that’s important for a lot of young girls to read about. You’re not lesser or undeserving of love because you’ve had sex early, or fallen in love too easily. No one deserves a title like “practice girl”. It can be tough to sort through feelings at that age, and to be a good friend. It’s not talked about enough! I certainly wish I would’ve had this book to read when I was Jo’s age, and I’m so glad that a new generation of girls will discover it!

Cheers to love, experience, understanding, communication, and all the other wonderful & tough - but worth it things in life! Thank you for writing this book. I loved it and will highly recommend it to others!!