Great book to start the year with

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This book was a great start to my year.

This book had me feeling a wide range of emotions as I went through it. While predictable I was still holding my breath throughout the entire thing. Practice Girl was a pretty good representation of what high school is actually like. Kids are mean and they, unfortunately, hold the ability to hurt others especially when they are working together. Laure did an incredible job with this book and with painting a beautiful story of friendship, love, loss, heartache, and determination.

Beckett knew what she wanted and that was to be loved and respected for who she truly was. But she is also a child and a child with her head in the clouds and her heart on her sleeve. As someone who wore their heart on their sleeve as well, I know very well that this just leads to heartbreak and disappointment. You spend more time being taken advantage of than actually being valued. Beckett's journey to discover herself and reshape her views is one to not be missed.