A Wrestling Tale

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Practice Girl is a story about wrestling on two levels. As the novels opens Jo Beckett is the manager on the local wrestling team which her father, now deceased, once coached. The wrestling team will remain a major portion of the story, involving all three of the main characters, as well as several minor ones. There is also a deeper wrestling story as Jo wrestles with where she finds herself as a young woman who has become a "practice girl" (urban slang for one too easy with sexual favors to be a serious romance interest). Her discovery of this hard truth will drive the rest of the story as it pushes her into various actions that often lead to unintended consequences. The book is definitely blunt in language and actions (teen sex) in a way that may put some readers off or make it a questionable read to some parents. But it does capture rather dramatically the confusing teen years and how little girls sometimes know about themselves and those with whom they come into contact. Jo faces quite a few "wrestling" challenges in her search for love.