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I couldn't stop thinking about it.

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Picture Us in the Light was a beautifully written contemporary about Danny Cheng, who lives with his parents in Suburban California. He's an artist who's been accepted into RISD across the country, but is scared to leave behind his best friend Harry. He's unconvinced Harry and his girlfriend Regina truly love each other, and wants Harry to be with someone who makes him as happy as possible. On top of his troubles with his friends, his family is suffering financially, and he discovers a secret that his parents have kept from him his entire life that completely changes how he sees them.

I really liked this book because of the family dynamics in it, the exploration of his Danny's relationship with his parents, and the fact that the entire plot wasn't revolved around the relationship. Sure, it was a main plot, but it wasn't nearly as important as some of the other things that were mentioned. Very well written, I thoroughly enjoyed it.