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family, identity, and truth

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Ever since After the Shot Drops I have been the biggest Randy Ribay fan. Ribay has a way with characters that will charm and move you - whether it be with their antics and decisions, or with their heartbreak and dilemmas.

Patron Saints of Nothing is stunning form page one. It's tender, full of memories and stolen moments. Unresolved letters litter the book, like words flown across oceans to land on unspoken silence. They are fragments of a life once shared and mysteries unravel about how a connection can be severed. Patron Saints of Nothing is a book that handles difficult questions - our concept of home and family, injustice and corruption, secrets and the quest for truth.

Patron Saints of Nothing asks tough questions about our global responsibility, our duty to our family, to our friends, and our social consciousness. It’s a book without simple answers, without straight forward solutions, and, because of this, remains genuine. Patron Saints of Nothing reminds us that we can’t ever really know the reality of someone else’s life, situation, or desperation. It forces us to confront truths about the people we love who are gone, who can’t stand up for themselves, but who weren’t one sided.