DNFd 1/3 of the way through

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I DNFd this book at 33%, right after Jay began his trip at his aunt and uncle's home in the Philippines. I do not think this book is bad whatsoever, but I do just genuinely feel like I am growing out of young adult novels. It has been quite a while since I've read any YA, and I think the cheesiness and the simplicity in the writing style that is pretty typical for the intended audience is not for me anymore. I also did not particularly like Jay's character. I obviously do not know how the book continues or ends, but the idea that you can fly across the world and solve all of this country's problems was super annoying to me. He is just a privileged kid who doesn't realize the world is as tough as it is. I do not think I will ever pick this one up again but I can see how younger readers would enjoy it.