Bitter Sweet

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The Patron Saints of Nothing was definitely a poignant tale of family, growing up, and seeking to understand one's identity.

As told through the eyes and ears of Jay and the rest of Jun's family, the story slowly unravels the mystery of the life of Jun. To say most of the family is unwilling to share even the most minute details of Jun's life is the understatement of the century. While I was surprised that even the uncles and Jay's father were so hesitant to answer Jay's simple questions, I was very interested to keep reading and find out what happened to Jun.

Overall, this book edged more toward a sad nostalgic feeling, but there are also bits of joy sprinkled throughout the story. I won't give anything away, but I did enjoy the conclusion which provides both a glimmer of hope and a true sense of healing.

If you are interested in reading about another culture (Philippines), in reading a story that deals with very real-world issues, in solving a mystery, while simultaneously contemplating your own choices, this is a book for you.