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Not For Me

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Chilling premise but the book just makes up whatever it wants to without any rhyme or reason.
As a teen, Sarah and her friends are caught in the middle of a massacre at a local haunted hose. They escape with their lives but not with out permeant damage. But years later, when one of the group of friends is murdered, they must deal once again with the events of their past.
I didn't realize this was a romantic intrigue novel when I received a free copy. I had read the first paragraph and really enjoyed it. But I never like how these books end up: rekindled romance, no deep emotions around the crime at hand and very little research into crimes. The book throws out words like psychopath with out truly understanding what these people at like and what kind of people commit these crimes.
This was a short read, but it took me forever to read. I wasn't invested in any of the characters but Davey and I could petty much tell what would happen next because the book goes for what would be a shock but when you have read many books, these chocks are not shocks any more.
This book wasn't for me.