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Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall is an advanced copy that I received in exchange for an honest review. I loved Rules for Vanishing and was super excited to get this one! This is about a woman who goes to find answers about her missing mother and her childhood in Alaska. She gets involved with a crew and no one really seems to know what they are looking for, just that a lot of people have gone missing in the past and they want to find out why and how. There’s a lot of really interesting things going on with this book. First, it is in a mixed media format with interviews and flashbacks and bits of the story. It also brings up some really interesting supernatural elements that reminded me of the movie Us in some ways. The setting really works well for this because Alaska gives off a sense of isolation and bleakness and it helped mold the themes of the story well. I thought the author did a good job developing the characters and their stories. My biggest complaint is that it felt very long to me and it got a bit confusing with the amount of characters and the jumps from past to present along with the introduction of “the echoes”. I honestly enjoyed this one, but felt like it could have been cut down a bit.