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I was Hooked!

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I was hooked from the opening radio broadcast. The main character appears to be in hospital filling in the missing details of what happened on the island.

The characters Sophia and Liam seem likeable and the two doctors along with the caretaker appear to interesting.

The story flows nicely, and the radio broadcasts, Facebook posts etc help give a little backstory to why Sophia is there and what she is trying to figure out with the disappearance of her mother and others.

The mist and being on an Alaskan Island is is an interesting setting and so far the the author has done a good job of describing what a desolate place it is.

I can’t wait for the this wait for this book to be released, this is one of those books that you turn off you phone and lock yourself in a room and don’t come return until it’s completed, and even then I feel it will stick with you for days after.