Amazing and Enriching book

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This is the best book ever. The plot, story, setting is amazing. Super Enriching and lures you into the story. I can’t stop reading this book, it has soon humor mixed into the horoscopes which is absolutely addicting. The main character is smart, attentive, beautiful and is exciting for the readers to read as she goes about to solve the mystery of her missing mother. Every page is and excited moment to turn, I can not praise enough for this book. This book is kind of similar to the movie, The Ring, kind of similar to the plot. So if you like the movie of supernatural horrors and ghosts and spirits, this book is a must read. So engrossing to read, and I hope this is a novel. The author should really write more books, I am a huge super fan of this! So, to summarize, this is a really highly recommended book to read and I tell you it is a must read! Just read it!