Absolutely Phenomenal!

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I absolutely adored this book!! I was in a slump from the previous book I read so it took me a while to get through it but I enjoyed every second of it. Our Last Echoes is about a girl named Sophia Novak whose mother dies in a car accident or so she thinks.. she receives a call from a girl named Abby Ryder who says she’s been investigating the disappearances from an island named Bitter Rock and wants to find out what she knows about her mother’s disappearance. This leads Sophia to get an internship with a bird watching team stationed on Bitter Rock so she can find out what happened to her mother. The more she uncovers the weirder and creepier things get. This book was so creepy and suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. I loved Sophia’s character, you really felt for her being the out of place, weird girl her entire life. You just wanted her to win. This book made me want to go back and read the rest of Kate Alice Marshall’s books and hope that she expands this story as it ended on a little bit of a cliffhanger!