A very trippy and confusing mystery

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This is a Young Adult mystery set on a mysterious island called Bitter Rock. Now, I have VERY mixed feelings and opinions on this book. It was very confusing but I think it was supposed to be that way. I am not really sure if I understand the plot. I felt the synopsis was a bit misleading as well. I was expecting the book to be a bit less fantastical than it was. A big part of the synopsis is about the main character's first memory being of drowning. However, that doesn't really come into play until the middle of the story. The book reminded me a bit of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs but I do not think I enjoyed it as much. I still think this book was good but I don't think it was for me. I would recommend this book to someone who really loves trippy, creepy, and confusing reads. I think this book was just a tad bit too weird for me and I wish that I got to know the main character a bit more.