A Bitter (Rock) Mystery

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The very first memory that Sophia Novak has is of drowning, a memory that is so implanted in her memory that she remembers the cold of the water and the taste of the salt, yet she has never been to the ocean. She also remembers her mother saving her from the water, a mother that she was told had died in a hospital many years ago. Sophia’s curiosity is piqued when she receives a call that leads her to question whether or not her mom is really dead, leading her to Bitter Rock, Alaska. Determined to learn the truth about what happened to her mother, Sophia makes her way to Bitter Rock, but she soon discovers that many people connected to the island have disappeared. Can Sophia learn the facts surrounding her mother and the island before she disappears like so many other inhabitants of Bitter Rock?

Our Last Echoes is a novel that I really wanted to like, and while I didn’t dislike it I also didn’t love it. The characters were one of my favorite parts of the novel. Sophia was someone I could really root for as she worked to uncover the truth. Joy was easily my favorite; her decisions were not only interesting, they were beyond honorable. There were certain aspects of the novel that seemed to push a little too far. Understanding that this is a novel that depends on the supernatural, there were certain things and events that seemed just too unbelievable. The ending seemed too abrupt after all of the buildup throughout. The descriptions are very effective and paint a complete, and crazy, picture. I also like the way the story is presented, using interviews and transcripts of videos along with the basic narrative. While I liked the big “reveal” at the end--it fit so well within the context of the story--I wasn’t a big fan of the cliffhanger.

Our Last Echoes is an interesting young adult novel; if you enjoy spooky, supernatural stories go grab a copy!

Thank you to BookishFirst and Viking for sending me a copy of Our Last Echoes by Kate Alice Marshall, given in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own.