What a sweet coming of age story

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Absolutely adorable. This was a beautiful and funny journey about a girl discovering who she might be. It was so innocent and true and honest. There are so many teens out there who may be in exactly Ophelia's position, trying to find their way in the world, and this book shows exactly how important books, movies, and TV shows from this perspective can be for today's youth. It let's people know that there are others out there just like them, wondering the same things, trying to find where they belong, and this book was just beautiful.

The wildly eclectic group of friends was odd but fitting. None of them seemed like they would click together, so naturally they all were great friends. I loved that they were all so different but also so supportive of each other. Each friend played a different role on her journey, and honestly, I think that's what I loved so much about this book. It was a romance that wasn't a romance? A romance that blossoms instead into a journey of self-discovery. A story about a boy-crazy girl and the entirely unromantic end of her senior year. Perfection.