Love it.

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I'm going to be honest here. Contemporary has never been a genre that has kept my attention. This, however seems to be the opposite case for this book. Even just reading the description I knew it was something I found myself very interested in reading. Ophelia off the bat is such a relatable character, we've all been that age in school and we know how teenagers talk and this was so well written. I think one of the things that I don't like a lot of the time with contemporary is the way the characters act and speak, it can sometimes seem so forced and like they're speaking like an adult trying to sound like a teenager, if that makes sense. But, Ophelia and her friends spoke just like kids! It was so refreshing and I adored the way this begins and really want to know what happens next. Teenage years are so formidable and can really have a lasting effect on you as a person, reading about Ophelia and what she's going through really just makes you route for her with all your heart. Love this.