Affirming Debut Filled with Charm

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Ophelia After All is a love letter to kids questioning (everything from what’s next in life to their sexuality), to the ups and downs of high school, and to love in all its forms. This book is so full of love—both for its characters and all of their flaws and personalities and quirks—and for the readers it’s directed to. I can only imagine how affirming this book will be for teens who are questioning theirs sexuality and sense of self, and even reading as an adult I felt seen and loved by this book, something I feel is a powerful testament to the quality of this book and the impact it can have. Ophelia is a character impossible not to love, even when she makes mistakes and doubts herself. Every side character is fleshed out, and I couldn’t help but love them all too. I would suggest bringing the Kleenex along to read this one, but this book is also like the biggest hug and I couldn’t recommend it more!