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Ophelia is a high school senior, and while the contemporary high school setting isn't my favorite, it's necessary for this story. The last year before college/adult life is a big turning point, and it's especially true for Ophelia--she's about to graduate, she thinks she knows herself and what she likes, but she's thrown a curve-ball. With graduation means prom, and despite daydreaming about the perfect male date for years, she can't stop thinking about Talia, a female acquaintance-turned-friend. This book isn't a romance; it's about Ophelia finding herself, and her relationship with her friends. I loved this book's lovely descriptiveness of food, the unapologetic use of Spanglish throughout, and Ophelia's love for roses and gardening. The direction the story took was unexpected, but it was good. It's a wonderful queer coming of age story!

There's one thing I didn't really care for, and it's a couple of scenes where Ophelia is being taught, like, queerness 101, including what different flags represent. Maybe it's just me, but it felt a little forced. Other than that, I adored this book! Definitely a new fav contemporary YA.