The Heart Is a Treacherous Thing

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3.5 stars*

There is so much to dissect from this book, so to make this review as comprehensible as possible, I’m going to break the aspects of this book into sections.

The author’s style is hard to describe. In fact, there isn’t really anything to say specifically. The writing is insignificant but in the best way possible. While reading I didn’t notice how things were described, word choice, or how fast things were. I wasn’t distracted by these little details; I was able to just read. It was so smooth to the point that it isn’t noticeable. It was a truly amazing thing.

It was a slow start and took me awhile to get involved. It was probably about halfway through that I actually started to enjoy the read. The pace of the story was slow throughout, but it was at that halfway mark that I actually started to get involved.

The benefit of the slow pace of the story is that there was excellent development. We were taken for a drive through the youth of the main character, and even though this took time, it helped to build a complex life that we understood. We got to see our main character grow from a weak point in his life, to a time when he is confident in who he is. The maturing of the main character was satisfying to see and made me content in the end.

As mentioned above, character development was done really well. The characters had complex lives and personalities. We could relate to them and connect with them. I became attached to even side characters such as the patients and hospital employees. It made the story come alive. The character relationships were complex and believable.

The actual story was compelling. We got to walk with our main character through learning the operations of the heart room. Seeing into the OR was unique and interesting. We not only saw our main character’s life in the OR but also out of it. The subplots were the walls to the foundation. The revelations, twists and resolutions were pleasing to read.

A big thanks to the publisher for giving me this charming read!