War, wonder and strength

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“Told in Elsa’s words and written by her grandson, One More Moon is the extraordinary story of a woman and her family’s often harrowing experiences in the years before and during World War II.“ (part of book description)
I’ve read so many books about oppression, WWII and war in general, however, One More Moon tells the story of Elsa, who surprisingly enough is from the same town as my grandmother Koenigsburg, Prussia, although my grandmother moved to the states before the war broke out. Elsa moves to Italy, meets and marries Paul and they raise their children while running the Pensione Alexandra in Naples. This memoir written by Elsa’s son has deepened my love for the people who went through the harrowing experiences of WWII and anyone who supported and tried to protect the Jews during that time.
Mr. Webster’s writing is as if he, himself is the one who has experienced Elsa’s life which shows how much he learned and loves his grandmother as he can spin her story smoothly, lifelike and visually cinematically. His words touched my heart, kept me awake some nights, and educated me.
This book is a must read if you enjoy non-fiction, memoirs, and a great story about peoples lives especially during extreme times of challenge.

I give this book 4 stars. Thanks to Bookishfirst and Ralph Webster for the ebook and the paperback in lieu of my honest review.