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One More Moon is the story of Elsa, a wife and mother who lived during the tragic events of World War II. Elsa and her family are German Jews who live in Italy. They stumble upon a surprising career opportunity as they become owners of a pensione. And just what is a pensione? Honestly, I had to Google it to find out! A pensione is a small hotel in Italy. Elsa could never have imagined how much she would enjoy running the Pensione Alexandria and how many wonderful and interesting people she would meet. But, when war breaks out and things start getting out of control with Hitler's unspeakable acts against Jews, Elsa and her family must sell the pensione and flee Italy for a better life in the United States.

This book is a fascinating look into the life of the author's grandmother. I learned a lot by reading this and really gained a sense of empathy about what people in that time period had to go through. The author's writing is impeccable and the story was portrayed extremely well. Thank you BOOKISHFIRST and Ralph Webster for the chance to review this book!