An Amazing Memoir

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I received a free e-copy of this book and have chosen to write an honest and unbiased review. I have no personal affiliation with the author. This is an amazing memoir. I really liked the way the author tells his Grandmother's story from a woman’s point of view and in a very relaxed conversational style. She comes across as a very kind and caring person as she tells her story. She is Jewish and grew up in Germany; she moved to Naples, Italy when she was 21 where she met and married her husband. This is the story of her life as a German and a Jew and the challenges the family faced in the years prior to and during WW II. During this time Benito Mussolini was dictator of Italy. We see a different view of Nazi Germany and The Holocaust. The many stories that she tells about the guests who stayed in the pensione are wonderful. She tells of their struggles as their life is affected by both Mussolini’s and Hitler’s rise to power and their difficulties obtaining passage to America to join their children as more restrictions are placed on Jews and Germans throughout the world. This is an extremely well written memoir and an amazing story. I couldn’t put it down. ‘One More Moon’ is well worth the read and I look forward to reading more from Ralph Webster in the future.