An Absolutely Beautiful Book!

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What a beautiful book! This certainly is on the list of great books I have read this year. "One More Moon" is set during the time prior to and through World War II. It is a trip back in time to the incredible uncertainty, danger, and strife Jews faced trying to leave Europe as Hitler's power grows. It speaks of one family's journey and is told through the voice of Mamarella, a Jewish German woman who immigrated to Italy at 18 where she was married, raised her family and was eventually became the proprietress of a small hotel, the Pensione Alexandra. It was a tender and thought-provoking story. She speaks of incredible joys and incredible difficulties. Throughout you are made to feel as if Mamarella is sharing her story and her wisdom to you alone. That is the gift of the book and the gift of the author! I thoroughly recommend "One More Moon"! Mamarella's story will stay with you long after you have read the last sentence, which is exactly what a great book is supposed to do!