A family memoir with an interesting history

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One More Moon is the story of Elsa’s life in her words written by her grandson, the author, Ralph Webster. Elsa was a remarkable woman and the author has conveyed her life so beautifully. I enjoyed the writing because I felt like I was sitting in a room listening in on a family story.
In December of 1934, Elsa purchased the Pensione Alexandra; her husband Paul was her reluctant partner. Elsa made lifelong friendships, witnessed “joy, love, sadness, passion, fear, tragedy and struggle” and found out who she really was. We learn of some of their more interesting guests at the pensione, including doctor/artist Josef and his wife Kaethe who will play an important role in the family history. The journey from running the pensione to the struggles of a family of German Jews living in Mussolini’s Italy in the years, months and day leading up to World War II.
I recommend this book for fans of family sagas and World War II.
“This is a lesson I want the generations that follow to know. Listen to others but ask your own questions and draw your own conclusions based upon knowledge and facts.”