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Fast Paced, Often Scary: Los Angeles Police Detective

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In a style reminiscent of crime-story author Joseph Wambaugh, ONE DAY YOU'LL BURN shoots the reader off on a rollercoaster crime investigation. Beginning with the opening scene of a gruesome burned body and a local coyote chomping away at the delightful human barbeque, crime story fans will not be disappointed. While crime stories may not be considered lasting, classic fiction, they certainly can provide good entertainment. Author Joseph Schneider definitely delivers in that area! The main character, a detective by the first name of Tully (rhymes with 'Sully' - the airline captain who saved the day day landing the passenger airplane on the Hudson River. For people who have lived in or spent a lot of time in the Los Angeles area, this story might have extra appeal; they will recognize the truths in the part of life that seems glamorous and also know that the seediness behind the facade of glimmer is no exaggeration. A comparison might be movie goers who liked "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" not only for its fantastical variation on a real life crime but also for the landmarks, references to local radio stations, and other realistic set design aspects from that era in Southern California. Do you have to have a tie to that geographical region to enjoy that movie or Schnieder's book? Absolutely not! Prepare yourself for some evil deeds and enjoy the book.