Simply not for me!

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This book has so many good reviews, and honestly what are they seeing that I’m not??? I didn’t like a second of this, it was boring and not at all memorable. This is just such a poorly written fantasy, and I am not feeling it. The story is boring, the twists are boring, the characters and boring, the plot is boring.

Everything is just so boring, I wanted to stop reading. But I finished it, hoping to find one thing that I would like. And I found zero! There wasn’t a single thing to like about this book. The writing tries to show deep things, with like metaphors and similes.

For example they used shoes to show rivers or something, I didn’t even know. But it was so unnecessary. I know this book was supposed to be magical realism, but it’s not, it’s just fantasy. Like what.

Also the length of this book is so unnecessary, it could’ve been cut like numerous times.