Once upon a river

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Something is going to happen.

A small girl is found and brought to a bar called the Swan. The girl who was thought dead, drowned by the river, is alive. The story of her arrival, death, and rebirth, witnessed at the Swan, quickly circulates around town. Three families wish to claim her. Where does she belong?

This is a tale of magic and storytelling, relationships and families. The story is told through many perspectives but remains easy to follow. Everything comes together well and while it is a slow build, the story itself is never dull.

The magic in the story is created by imagination with the medium of storytelling.
Remember that one house in your hometown that was haunted? Or maybe there was a spot in the woods where you could see fairies or other magical creatures at night? That's the sort of magic that takes place along the Thames River, in the Swan, and in the minds of people. As humans, we look for magic in life. We want to believe in it. Stories help us do that.

I think reading this book after finishing "The Hogfather" and "The Snowchild" was a great choice on my part. Both of those books are about magic and the power of belief. Seems to be a pleasant theme.