Loved it!

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I have finally read this book and I was enthralled with the plot as well as the characters and the setting of the story. I think what I really loved the most was how descriptive everything was and how the detail of everything made me feel like I was physically there. This book to me also was poetic and lyrical at the same time. I have no idea read a why it took me this long to read it but I am happy that I did. The book was also very scenic, which I also loved because sometimes in books they never go into detail about the setting and it’s surroundings and this book definitely executed that aspect of providing me what I need in order to feel like I was there. Now I will say there were times where there were slow moments which I didn’t like because I feel it can mess up the pace of the book traumatically. So I did put the book down for a while but once I picked it up I was back being mesmerized but the writing.