Book Review: Once Upon a River

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I've tried to start reading this book several times and just don't seem to connect with the story, so I've decided we're simply not a literary match. That being said, there are so many amazing positive aspects about this book that I think readers more drawn to fantasy books will appreciate. The writing is absolutely gorgeous in all of the chapters I read. Everything has an almost lyrical feel to it in the way that it flows. The characters are also incredibly well written and seem to hold a complexity that will certainly attract a captive audience.

The disconnect I felt with this book is certainly a case of wrong reader connection. I'm not often a fantasy reader, but felt drawn to the first few chapters of this one when I read the sneak peek. I'm disappointed I couldn't make the connection I wanted to with this one, as I saw countless amazing reviews. I'll definitely be hanging on to the book to try again some time in the future!