Beautifully written

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I felt this book was so beautifully written. It had such an amazing poetic way on how it was written. I adored all the characters. And how each one came into the story as one. The Invision that I had while reading it was actually very magical to it. I felt the author really got your attention and into the story. It kept you interested. It made you feel like you were there feeling everything. Sometimes I did feel a lost only for the fact there were so many characters. It was making just a tad hard to keep up with you. And it all did take me awhile to finish. Only for the fact that at some parts it was just a little boring and I felt that didnt really need to be said. Almost like it was a fill in. I know it how some world build up and getting to know all characters. But i struggled with that part for the most part. But overall it was a wonderful story to read. And I'm glad i read it.