Amazing and mind-blowing

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This was a slow-burn that slowly unraveled the story and blew my mind. When a dead child is brought into the Swan in a strangers arms one night, we can tell we’re already set up for an interesting ride. Not only does the child come back to life, but three families lay claim to her. I couldn’t believe the detail Setterfield incorporates. There is a fine line between reality and myth, and this book crosses genres multiple times.

Despite the complex cast of characters, each one is real and complex. They each hide their own secrets, guilt, and dark past that slowly gets unraveled as we learn the truth about the girl, where she is from, and who she belongs to. The interactions between characters and the relationships create the deep story that pulls you in and sweeps you from reality. When you’re done, it’ll be a shock to realize you’re in the twenty-first century rather than the 1800s.