A wonderful, meandering tale of love, loss and magic!

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Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield is a wonderful, meandering tale of love, loss, family and magic! Many characters play a part in the story of a mysterious little girl, thought dead, and the man who saved her from drowning in the river Thames. Who is this mute girl and who does she belong to?
Through captivating storytelling and beautiful character development, Setterfield weaves a narration as fine as those told by Joe Bliss—landlord of the Swan. The writing is smooth, the dialogue is genuine and as a whole, the book is a definite winner.
Anyone who is a fan of fairy tales and fables will wholeheartedly enjoy this book. I especially delighted in the dialog of the narrator of the story. I felt as if was sitting at the Swan enjoying an ale and listening to the stories of the pub goers. Bravo!