Mystery on the Homefront

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would classify it as historical fiction with a touch of mystery because, while there was a murder to solve, the main focus was on the characters and on everyday wartime life in their village. The murder didn't occur until about a third of the way through the novel, so when it did happen the reader had already had the opportunity to see the suspects and their possible motives. That combined with the focus on the characters and on their everyday life gave me the same comfortable feeling as watching one of my favorite shows, Foyle's War.

As for the main character, I found Olive easy to root for with her determination to do her bit despite her certainty that she could never live up to her mother's record. I liked that her feistiness and curiosity were combined with a kind heart, and I loved her relationship with her step-mother and step-brother(Also, I found both of those characters endearing).

It was interesting to read about the pigeons. My respect for them and what they did definitely grew while reading this.

I got the impression that this will be the first in a series. I hope so because I would love to read more about Olive and her adventures.

Thank you to BookishFirst for this early read.