Murder During War

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It's hard for me to truly get into the book with such a short snippet of the whole book, but from the plot and the first impression I can tell this book has a lot of potential. Historical fictions are becoming one of my favorite genres and with a mystery mixed in I can tell this would be an interesting read. The book starts of very well. It accurately portrays the emotions felt when people you cared about left for a war and you didn't know if they would return. I also love the personality and attitude of Olive. Even though she is a woman during a time when women couldn't fight in wars she has the will to do anything she possibly can. I also love the new aspect thrown into WW11 that I haven't seen before. It very interesting that the author had the idea to use pigeons as a weapon of war and I would love to see how that is developed more as well as all the sticky situations Olive is going to get herself into.

As for the cover I normally don't like people being on covers but I think this cover is really good for the plot of the book. You have the small town, a young girl, pigeons as well as the air force planes in the sky. All the little details truly paints a wonderful picture of what this book will provide readers.