A heartfelt and touching premise

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One of the amazing things about writing historical fiction is the countless ways the writings can give voice to people long gone. This particular tale tells the story about a girl and her family that raise pigeons. Now, at the time of World War II, she is on the verge of trials that will test and fire her spirit.
In the sample given, I feel that the book begins that puts the reader at ease with the main character. She is sweet but not someone who allows herself to be pushed around. She has a quiet strength tempered by the attention the man she is devoted too. He is sensible and she has imagination. Inspired by the leaders of her time, the heroine is determined to help her country from her home. I am wanting to read more and see the development of this character and her adventure.
I like how the author has been researching the subject and showing what was done during that time. I am not sure about women not being trained to "fire the gun" -there were women who were trained for anti aircraft units (which did take down enemy planes) and SOE (Special Operations Executive which included secret missions) but then it depends what year was it introduced? Also, there were some misspellings on Page 6 - "enrol".