1st person narrative was not my cup of tea.

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Off Limits, penned by Clare Connelly and written in the 1st person narrative was not my cup of tea. Being that this was told in a 1st person narrative, I would have marked this one as a “DNF”. But, just recently I found an author, Melody Johnson, who turned me on to this type of storytelling, did a wonderful job of creating a world with enjoyable characters. But, Off Limits shows that I have far to go to say I enjoy these types of stories.

I try not to give too many one-star reviews. There has to be a saving grace to the story that is being told. However, even though I tried, I can't seriously find anything worth saving about Off Limits.

There are some people that talk in a monotone voice and Off Limits just proves that characters can do the same. It was very hard to understand where this story was going outside the obvious. The two main characters lack any personality or depth, this held true throughout the entire story. To say I didn’t like this story would be an understatement