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Super Cute Romance

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Now That I've Found You is a super cute, fast paced romance. I ended up rating it 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4.

I love when YA romances have really solid plots outside of the romance and this one was a winner, for sure. The mystery with Evie’s grandmother was super intriguing and left me wanting more. It had that "old Hollywood" vibe that kind of reminded me of (and you might think this is weird) but that Nancy Drew movie with Emma Roberts.

Evie, in general, is a fascinating main character. It's not often that you get to read a character that's in the spotlight. Watching her deal with her "celebrity" issues as a real person was great.

The way her relationship develops with Milo is just what my heart needed, too. From the get-go, I knew I would like Milo. I love that he's sweet and caring, even in the beginning, and Evie is just like nope.

There's nothing really in particular that didn't make this a five-star read for me. I just liked it a lot, but didn't love it. I will say, however, that this would make a super cute movie.