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open for a review of now that i've found you by kristina forest ★★★☆☆

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'now that i've found you' by kristina forest is a fast-paced contemporary romance that centers around an up-and-coming young hollywood star. evie jones thought she had her career mapped out, with a huge movie deal and plans to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, the famous evelyn conway. however, when her best friend simone betrays her, evie's world comes crashing down, friendless and career seemingly over. to save her career, evie catches a plane to new york to visit her grandmother, who vanishes a few nights later. lost in an unfamiliar big city, evie must learn to trust milo, the young musician she thinks is using her grandmother for career gain, in order to find her grandmother.

i blew through this book rather quickly and enjoyed the lighter contemporary reading experience! i loved forest's deep exploration of the characters and their personal growths, even the supporting cast, as well as the romantic subplot between evie and milo. in addition, the character of simone was really intriguing to me and i'd love to know more about her if forest decides to write a sequel of any sort. i also loved unraveling the mysteries surrounding evelyn conway's past.

however, my criticisms of this book is that i did think that ending was a little bit rushed and was a little bit too predictable. while reading, i easily predicted a lot of the small 'twists' in the plot and the general trajectory of particularly the romantic subplot. i do think that even if 'now that i've found you' was somewhat predictable it was still enjoyable. the book does a really good job of still keeping you hooked with the lovable characters and i definitely loved seeing everything through evie's eyes. in addition, i absolutely loved how forest balances comedic scenes and serious, emotional ones. i would recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a quick light read or enjoyed shannon hale's kind of a big deal.