Lovely NYC Adventure

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"Now That I’ve Found You" is Kristina Forest’s sophomore novel about a young Black actress looking for her big break in all wrong places. Evie Jones is the granddaughter of renown screen diva extraordinaire, Evelyn Conaway aka Gigi. After an online scandal resulting in the loss of a huge role, Evie is trying to dust of her career and get it off the ground

The solution?

Make a deal with a family enemy and fly to New York to get her grandmother’s blessing. But Evie’s trials and tribulations are far from over because Gigi disappears and the only person around to help is Milo, a young musician Gigi randomly befriended. The result is a mad dash around NYC as Evie chases down the one person who can help get her dream.

Evie is a character you immediately root for. She’s genuine in her excitement and love for acting and sweetly awkward when extending her trust to Milo and his friends. Forest does an excellent job of seating us right next to Evie on the rollercoaster this story takes us on. You ache at her lows and soar at her highs.

Yes there’s some romance and hilarious moments and awesome outfits but at the core of this book is Evie’s relationship with Gigi. While Evie idolizes her grandmother, Gigi wants Evie to learn from the mistakes of her media filled career. This tension creates an imbalance that spurs both of their actions towards reconciliation.

Bursting with elegant gowns, wigs, leather pants, and a grumpy bouncer, "Now That I’ve Found You" is the journey of Miss Evie Jones finding her true path forward amongst the chaos of fame.