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Loved this book

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I absolutely adored this YA romantic comedy! The characters spring off the page fully formed, and they are such wonderful, good, appealing people - I enjoyed every moment I spent in their company. There's a wild caper aspect to this book when Evie and Milo are searching for her grandmother that is tremendous fun to be swept up in. The book is energetic and full of good energy. Here's the story: eighteen year old Evie is an aspiring actress and the granddaughter of the most famous actress in the country. After being betrayed by her best friend, she runs off to NYC to find her grandmother and ask for her help. But her grandmother has had big changes in her life in the last year - her longtime staff have retired and her grandmother has made new friends. As Evie is trying to cope with this, her grandmother runs away and Evie and her grandmother's new nineteen year old friend Milo race to find her. It's terrific!

Disclosure - I received an ARC (Advance Review Copy) of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.