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Lesson on Frenemies

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I was pretty disappointed Evie didn't find a friend crew with Milo and his friends. Instead she walked right in on his friends knowing a secret she didn't and it ruined everything. Maybe Milo didn't do exactly what Simone did since she was being loyal to Gigi but it def still hurt her just the same. The situation was enough that she didn't want to stay around her only bestie Gigi. I want there to be a sequel so I can know that she actually makes some friends out in LA. I couldn't imagine already being famous and not being able to have friends because they are all jelly of your fame.
This book is kinda similar to the book Followers by Megan Angelo. Where there is a famous angsty girl who doesn't have any friends and the ones that she does try to sabotage her life. IDT Milo is like the hubby from that book and I really hope Evie finds some friends when she returns to LA.