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It was good.

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It was a good book. Not what I expected from it, but it was good non the less. This book is nice and different from other books that I have read. It was something that I truly liked reading about and had a good ending. Even though there were some things that I wish could have done a little better. It was still a good read and that was something that I really liked about it. It wasn't one of my all time favorite books but it was still fun to read about and to look into what happens through out the book. But if one like these types of books than give it a try, because you never know unless you try it. But It was a fun read and had a good plot and good characters. Plus I liked the setting of the book to. It was fun to see where the characters went and for them to go on an adventure together. It was a fun read to say the least and I really did like the characters in the book. to me they made the book.