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I’m so very excited for this book and Evie’s journey of finding her self and her grandma. Evie’s is Hollywood’s next star and beginning to start the life of a adult. Suddenly her grandma who she looks up to, disappears out of the blue leaving Evie with questions. Evie decides to search for her grandmother and possibly find out why she disappears. Along the way Evie meets Milo and isn’t sure she can trust him but gives him a chance. On this journey Evie learns about herself and her grandmother while also finding romance. The plot seems so interesting by having Evie face different situations with help her grow as a character. Evie decides to take a break from the starlight and dives deep into adventure. This is a great young adult novel for people of all ages to read. Evie’s goes through a struggle that many of us do to find our purpose and ourselves.