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I loved it!

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Evie is living out her Hollywood dreams until a single misstep and a friend’s betrayal leads to an internet hailstorm and her future effectively ruined. She turns to her grandmother, a legendary film star, in hopes of salvaging her career, only for her grandmother to disappear, leaving Evie grasping at straws to try and find her.

This was such a fun read that I absolutely devoured it in one sitting! While Evie was a bit grating at times (as most teenagers, including myself, can be) I really loved watching how she grew into herself over the course of the story, gaining confidence and perspective. The will they-won’t they romance with Milo was absolutely heartwarming and while I was initially suspicious of him (I mean really, what nineteen year old moves in with a seventy year old???), I found myself rooting for him in the end. I won't give away what happens but I will say I was very happy with the ending.