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I Love This Book!!

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I read Kristina Forest’s debut novel- I Wanna Be where You Are- earlier this year and absolutely adored it, so I was excited to read whatever she released next! Now That I’ve Found You was a great follow up book, and it had a similar vibe to her other book, with involve an adventure of some sorts where the characters go on some sort of chase in the name of the plot, and for this book it was to find Evie’s grandmother who mysteriously disappears only days before her big appearance at an award show.

I loved Evie as a character, but she was definitely a little annoying in the beginning. That was the author’s intent though because by the end you can really see how much she has grown over the course the book, and how she learns from her mistakes. She understands that she can’t please everyone, and that the most important thing is to make sure she is who she wants to be- someone she can be proud of, and someone who will make her grandma proud. I also absolutely adored Milo and all his band mates, especially Vinnie and Ben! They are so adorable, and their friendship dynamic is the perfect blend of all their personalities. Milo was super sweet and patient, but he also had a lot of sass which was such a joy to read. And there is a cameo with the main characters from I Wanna Be Where You Are! I literally squealed with joy when they mentioned Eli and Chloe.

Overall, this was such a fun book, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a cute and fast read, or if you enjoyed the author’s previous book! Any Kristina Forest book is an auto-buy for me now :)