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I love it

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I think this book… Will be wonderful because it has a think it’s going to be so romantic because the makers is going to fall over Boy and she can’t she doesn’t know if she can trust him and I love this type of stories like enemies to lovers type of stuff and I hope it’s a slow burn because I am actually really in the mood for that also the cover I love the cover it’s so beautiful all of the art style and everything. And also I think I might like the plot of the story because the main characters in trouble she needed help she has her grandma but then her grandma is missing so yeah and then he met the boy and he does she doesn’t even know if she can trust him and I love those type of stories and I’m gonna give this a five out of five stars. Also I wonder if the boy is actually a bad boy time or like inside like outside he’s a bad boy but like inside he’s soft and kind and might help her and stuff like I just can’t wait for the romance like I’m so excited for it and I think this book is gonna be great I love it