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Hollywood, but Better

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It sounds like a book I’d love to read, filled with Hollywood themes, diversity, and a book that values family. I often value music in books, and I love that it’s included in this book. I also value diversity, and definitely think it’s needed more in books, and I love that it’s being promoted on this site. This book sounds like it’ll be amazing, and perfect with a cup of coffee. It looks like it’s full of drama, which is totally up my ally, and full of fun plot twists, and heart wrenching moments. I would definitely go out of my way to big this book, as it looks like multiple important themes are introduced in this book, like family, love, etc. It sounds like it’s full of valuable characters that would follow you around for the rest of your life. Although the cover isn’t my favorite, it really brings out the modern look I’m personally looking for.